Sometimes Bride and Grooms enjoy playing games during the reception. This can be for the Bride and Groom during the actual reception or even solely for the guests when the Bride and Groom are taking pictures to pass the time. Below are some examples of both situations.


This game is to be played by the guests while the Bride and Groom are having pictures made. It's designed to help the guests get to know each other. But it also takes preparation before the actual day of the wedding. In this game, when guests RSVP, they are asked to give an interesting fact about themselves. Once all the RSVPS are collected, a list is made with all the interesting facts. Copies of this list will be provided at the guest tables (one per chair). The guests are then encouraged to take the list and walk around and ask the questions of the other guests to find out who each interesting fact belongs to. At the end of the time limit, we see which guests have the most correct names to go with the interesting fact. These guests win a prize (sometimes it's more than one). 


This game is played during the reception after the Bride and Groom have entered. In this game, the Bride and Groom sit in a chair back to back from one another. Next, they give each other one of their shoes.  The DJ asks a series of questions. Each of them are encouraged to hold up whichever shoe they believe accurately answers the questions. For example, if the DJ asks "Which one of you hogs the covers the most", each one would hold up a shoe to represent either the Bride or the Groom. The hilarity of this is usually when both hold up their own shoe. It creates a very lighthearted atmosphere and helps the guests get to know the bride and groom better.  


This game is designed to be similar to trivia nights at local clubs or restaurants. In this game, the Bride and Groom are provided with a series of questions they will answer prior to the day of the ceremony (sometimes this will be questions provided by the Bride and Groom.) During the game, each table is numbered and the guests at that table will be considered a team.  The Bride and Groom will ask their questions aloud.  Each table will discuss the answers and write them on a slip of paper. After a few moments, those slips will be collected and put aside as question 1. This process is repeated after each question. At the end of the game, the results will be calculated and the table that answers the most questions correctly will win a prize. The Bride and Groom will provide the answers of each question after all the slips have been collected so the guests will know how many questions they answered correctly. This not only helps the guests get to know the Bride and Groom but also each other.