DJ Money Bio Page

 My musical influences have come from a family of singers, songwriters and musicians. My father, Comer Money, is best known for his version of the song “River of No Return” that went to number 2 on early radio charts and was recognized by Tom Jones as the best version he had ever heard of the song. My uncle, Curley Money, had a local variety show which featured several of the Money family. My cousin Rick Wayne Money has been lead guitar player for Tom T. Hall, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Rodriguez and Randy Travis. He has also been a member of the house band at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville for the last 30 years.

I made my singing debut in 1986 at 2nd Baptist church. With the help of some friends we started a Christian Rock Band known as “From Above”. We performed until 1993 when I left to pursue other avenues.  I became a regular performer on the weekly Johnny Outlaw TV show. Eventually, with two other show regulars we found ourselves performing at Butts Mill Farm located in Pine Mountain, GA where we not only performed live but also incorporated DJ and Karaoke into the show.

In 1997, I began Money Entertainment, which focused on DJing and karaoke. Even though I tried my hand at Nashville, I eventually chose to focus my talents on enjoying music and using it to entertain others. Whether singing music, playing music for others to enjoy or providing a higher quality of music for others to sing, I have found a fulfilling career in music.