Money Entertainment is a professional DJ and Karaoke company started in 1998 by owner Lance Money. We specialize in DJ and karaoke services at various venues and special events such as clubs, weddings, company picnics, reunions, high school events, birthday parties and various other indoor and outdoor activities. We have also specialized in organizing and performing live singing shows at restaurants, event centers and fairs including Butts Mill Farm in Pine Mountain, Ga.

Our live shows continued regularly thru 2006 when we began to focus mainly on our DJ and karaoke services. Although we don’t perform live shows as much as we used to, we do still offer this if requested. We also specialize in organizing and running various singing and karaoke contests in and around the area in clubs and other venues. We quite frequently lend our services at no charge to events such as the Relay for Life and other charitable organizations to help out the community. Money Entertainment currently operates out of Columbus, GA and although we mostly do events in and around the Columbus area, we are not limited to this area and are capable of doing events at a greater distance if the occasion calls for it. Music has been our life and we enjoy very much what we do and for this reason we are ready to make sure your event is done in the most professional way possible.

Piracy Disclosure
Money Entertainment is a 100% legal company providing all of our music through legal media. In the age of computers, piracy has been running rampant in the music industry, especially in karaoke. Although we do use computers for easy search and efficiency, all of our karaoke music has been pulled from the original karaoke discs, which we legally own. By law, before karaoke discs are uploaded to computer, you must possess the original
karaoke disc. If we don't do your event, help us out by making sure your KJ has legal karaoke discs.